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The Magissy: Reloaded 3D

19 Dec 2023, 12:28
The Magissy: Reloaded 3D
About Game The Magissy: Reloaded 3D

Immerse yourself in a captivating realm of imagination, where the stage is set in a world of pure fiction. Within this enchanting realm, you hold the power to select extraordinary and fantastical companions to accompany you on your journey. The possibilities are boundless in this exhilarating adult RPG, as you venture through the mystical Lirn, a floating island fueled by the wonders of magic. Prepare to explore a multitude of diverse islands, each unique in its creatures, landscapes, and untold wonders awaiting your discovery. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on this extraordinary adventure, shaping your own destiny within this mesmerizing realm.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2023
Available on: Windows
Version: v.0.3.8
Language: English
Type of publication: Original
File size: 8.5 GB

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