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Mandy's Room 2 3D

10 Jul 2024, 23:24
Mandy's Room 2 3D
About Game Mandy's Room 2 3D

Embark on another thrilling journey alongside Mandy, the adorable and pleasure-seeking sweetheart who adores being watched, especially when she indulges in her "naughty" side. In Mandy's Room 2, once again assume the role of "Mr. Jenkins," her glitchy robotic diary, allowing you to delve into Mandy's mind, hearing every innocent and provocative thought that crosses her mind. Join Mandy and her new best friend Molly as they venture on a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin in the woods. But brace yourself, as Mandy's sleepover is far from ordinary. These two friends soon discover their shared "naughty" interests, leading to an exhilarating exploration of intimate moments as the clothes come off and a series of enticing "sleepover games" ensue. Get ready to be a delighted observer as a game of hide-and-seek takes an unexpectedly pleasurable turn.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2019
Available on: PC / Windows
Language: English
Type of publication: Original
File size: 4.1 GB

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