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Dream Playroom VR

07 Dec 2023, 11:29
Dream Playroom VR
About Game Dream Playroom VR

An intriguing invitation to a clandestine establishment arrives from a friend, enticing your curiosity. Embracing your adventurous spirit, you decide to explore. Entering what appears to be an ordinary studio, you're warmly welcomed by an enchanting secretary with striking purple hair. She entrusts you with a remote-like controller and guides you into a softly lit room adorned with grid lines. In a whispered tone, she shares, 'Welcome to the Dream Playroom.'

Unleash your creativity, strike poses, and immerse yourself in play. Click the blue 'Stream Game' button to launch the experience in a new tab. Once loaded, tailor your settings and delve into this unique adventure.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2023
Available on: PCVR, Oculus, MetaQuest, HTC, WebXR, Browser VR
Genres: RockHardVR, WebXR
Developer: RockHardVR

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