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Love Raper! Maki x Examination room 3D

04 Jun 2024, 21:23
Love Raper! Maki x Examination room 3D
About Game Love Raper! Maki x Examination room 3D

Maki Nishino, a talented and admired member of the renowned school idol group M*se, is a cool high achiever. However, one fateful day, she becomes a victim of assault on her train ride home. The assailant leaves an unwelcome mark inside her panties, causing distress and concern. 

But fear not, for the story takes an unexpected turn. Enter a unique doctor, who offers unconventional solutions without the need for a traditional clinic. Brace yourself for a real-time 3D experience that allows you to view the encounters from any angle. Delve into the mischievous interactions between the naughty doctor and his patient, starting from the interview all the way through the examination.

Featuring full voice acting by the talented Hina Sakabuki, the game offers a toggle for ultra-dirty talk, adding an extra layer of excitement. As you progress, you can raise Maki's ecchi level through various transgressions, with numerous position options to explore. Customize her attributes, such as breathing size, hair color, and school uniform, to suit your preferences.

Enjoy the freedom of touch interactivity as you navigate through an abundance of scenes, surpassing even the original Love R*per. Unlock achievements (trophies) and strive for multiple endings, ensuring an immersive and fulfilling experience.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2015
Available on: PC / Windows
Language: Japanese
Type of publication: Original
File size: 1.2 GB

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