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Virt-A-Mate VR

25 Feb 2023, 12:37
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Virt-A-Mate VR
About Game Virt-A-Mate VR

Virt-A-Mate is a groundbreaking virtual reality sex simulator and sandbox designed exclusively for adults. This innovative project pushes the boundaries of realism, combining advanced physics, accurate collisions, and cutting-edge rendering techniques to create lifelike characters.

With Virt-A-Mate, the characters truly come alive. Through the use of motion capture technology, the game captures and stores your movements from popular VR controllers like Vive or Oculus Touch. This means that the characters can react to your actions and interact with objects in a highly realistic manner, enhancing the immersive experience.While Virt-A-Mate serves as a creative tool for adult content creation, it also offers a wealth of ready-to-use content. The in-game VaM Hub and our active Discord community provide access to a range of exciting content for users to explore and enjoy.

In addition to its VR capabilities, Virt-A-Mate also offers a desktop mode, catering to those without VR equipment or simply making content creation more accessible. Many users utilize the desktop mode to build scenes and then seamlessly transition to VR mode for a fully immersive experience. Discover the limitless possibilities of Virt-A-Mate and unleash your creativity.

VaM requires a Windows PC (Windows 10 recommended) with a DirectX11 compatible video card to run.

VaM does not run on MacOS, and does not run natively on Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest can work if used with Oculus Link cable and system.

VaM was built for VR, but can also run in a desktop mode. VaM has steep PC requirements due to nature of extensive body physics system and simulated hair and clothing systems. Recommended: Intel i7-7XXX series or higher (3.6 Ghz or higher), Nvidia 1080Ti GPU or higher, 16GB RAM or higher. VaM favors high single-thread CPU performance for overall framerate, but does utilize all CPU cores to an extent. In many cases today, this favors Intel CPUs. VaM hair and cloth simulation also tend to run better on Nvidia GPUs at this time due to how they seem to handle computer shaders more efficiently.

Installation procedure when downloading the file

Copy it to your hard drive, enter the key.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2019
Available on: PCVR, Oculus, HTC
Censorship: Absent/There is a patch to remove
Language: English
Developer: MeshedVR
File size: 16.70 GB
System: OS: Windows, Core i3, 4 Gb RAM, GTX560 512Mb, HDD: 9 Gb

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