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Sexy Beach VR

21 Dec 2023, 14:43
About Sexy Beach VR

As you embark on an early morning stroll along the tranquil beach, you find solace in the serenity of your surroundings. Unexpectedly, a local girl captures your attention and calls you over, seeking assistance with her sunscreen lotion. Playfully, she flirts with you, inviting you to generously apply the lotion, ensuring every inch of her sun-kissed skin is protected, even her enticing breasts.

With the beach as your private sanctuary, the atmosphere becomes charged with a subtle and intoxicating energy. In this secluded haven, the two of you surrender to the allure of the moment, succumbing to an irresistible desire to explore the depths of passion, indulging in an intimate and unforgettable connection.

Additional Details about this VR video

Available on: PCVR, Oculus, MetaQuest, HTC
Type of publication: Original

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