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M-kun and Girls’ School Survivor 3D

19 Feb 2024, 18:36
M-kun and Girls’ School Survivor 3D
About Game M-kun and Girls’ School Survivor 3D

Meet Mamoru Kondo, the protagonist of this game and one of the few surviving boys in his co-ed school. He may be a reserved individual, but that doesn't mean he lacks interest in girls. Enter Yona Sakurai, his classmate, who appears friendly and able to get along with everyone. However, as Mamoru has never really interacted with girls before, he remains unsure of her true nature. 

Prepare for various events in the game, such as encounters with Misaki Kanzaki, a student who naps in the infirmary and approaches Mamoru out of boredom, leading to unexpected situations. There's also Rin Kiritani, who returns to the classroom after skipping gym class and encounters the main character. If caught, she may engage in filming with her phone, spanking, and more. 

In addition, Aoi Ijuin, the only student in the XXth grade, surprises Mamoru when he accidentally enters the girls' restroom. This awkward encounter quickly spirals out of control. 

Rikuto Kamogawa, once Mamoru's friend, was mysteriously expelled from school, leaving the main character feeling out of place in class. Mamoru's homeroom teacher, Yoko Kato, appears cold towards boys despite her good reputation among the girls. She expels Rikuto without any apparent concern. 

Other events include interactions with Funabashi Sakura, a member of the public morals committee who interrogates Mamoru when she catches him walking naked in the hallway during class. Nanami Ito, Rin Kiriya's friend, is often seen skipping school with her. Rena Sakurai, Hina's older sister and the ace of a women's professional team, challenges Mamoru to a match. Expect both complete defeats and close defeats in these encounters. Lastly, there is the intriguing Electric ammai event.

Note: Please be aware that the content described in this rewritten text may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Additional Details about this VR Game

Release Date: 2022
Available on: PC / Windows
Language: English
Type of publication: Original
File size: 1.3 GB

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